Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Haul:31/12 + OOTD

I went into Rundle Mall today to see if Lush still had their sale on, and they didnt! Omg so upset! I was so smart thinking that if I waited a week they'd have awesome sales, trying to get rid of their Xmas stock like last year, but everything was gone!!!
I really wantted to try the Star Melts after reading countless reviews from other bloggers!

I was dragged into Priceline by my friend, and thank godness, because they had a 50% sale off ALL Bourjois products!!!
Bourjois really is a hit and miss brand with me, I LIKE most of their products, but dont find them that GREAT. These items are their eyeliners, mascaras and foundations.
However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE their blush pots!!
They're too gorgeous.
The packaging, the mini brush, the mirror, and the gorgeous pigmented colouurs they have.
34 Rose D'or

03 Brun Cuivre

Swatches and Reviews will come shortly :)
Ive also wanted to try out the Bourjois Pressed Powder after reading a review on someones blogger (forgot who's) and considering it was 50% off I thought that this was the time to buy! Even though I have a trillion powders I need to use up.
I purchased the Compact Powder in 71 Beige Clair.
Its yellowed based, and is very similar to my MAC Select Sheer/Pressed Powder in NC15 colour wise.

The Only thing I don't like about this product (so far, I havent actually used it enoughh to give my over all opinion) is the puff!! Ill be using a Suede MAC puff instead :)
The blush pots were only $10 each, and the powder was $11.50!

Then we went to Myer, and went straight to the back of the Beauty section to check out the Chi Chi collection. I ignored all the high end beauty counters because Im loaded at the moment and Im trying not to spend it all!!

Chi Chi
In Jordys blog she uses Chi Chi products sometimes, and they always seem to look lovely, so Ive been meaning to test out some of these products for a while.
I purhcased 3 items

Burning Up Blush $20 something? (lost the receipt)

Miss Personality e/s $16ish

Centrefold e/s $16ish (The flash like ruined the actual colour, swatches will be coming)

Sugar Baby
I also got a bath & body kit from Sugar Baby which was on sale
was $12/95
sale $9.07

I got this mainly because of the cute makeup bag :) Its pink and sparkly lol and like considering if you bought a makeup bag like this from Diva or Sportsgirl your gonna spend $10+ anyways, so in my head I was getting the free Body Wash, Hand Cream, and Body Creme.
Haven't tried these out yet, but will review them soon :)

Lastly I got the Island Glow Tan Enhancing Shimmer Oil from Sugar Baby
There was a huge table filled with these mini items (there was tan, lotion, etc) and they were only $4.95!
Haven't tried it yet, but I smelt it and its delicious! like coconuts! num num num

I have another haul from the Boxing Day sales, I didnt buy ANY clothes what so ever, because al the sizes are 10+ and Im a 6-8 (AUS) and they're always sold out. So Ill be loading up that haul, plus a shoot load of reviews!

Okay, its like 40degrees today, I walked to the bus stop (3mins away) and I was sweating like mad! Thankgod I didn't actually dress up. Its way too hot for that.
I didn't even straighten my hair, firstly cos its too hot and it'll go frizzy no matter how much product I use (and I don't wanna use product cos I gotta get my hair lovely for tonight) and secondly because I'm trying to have 5 out of 7 days per week NON HEAT days :)

Omfg its New Years Eve!!! I don't know what I'll wear, it's SO hot, and they say it may even rain? Like WTF? Im not in Darwin anymore... Crazy crazy.


Swtest2Lips said...

Cant wait for the reviews! Happy New Year!! ~hugs~

Krissy said...

ooh i have the bourjois rose d'or blush! it gives such a nice pink glow, so pretty. and it smells like roses.
i also bought a sugarbaby mini fake tan spray for $4.95 at good is that, and i was considering paying the $20 for a full can, but wanted to try it first.
and i feel your annoyance about the weather...its the same here in melbourne. soooo hot and gross. im wearing my maxi dress to my new years eve party tonight, its nice and cool and doesnt stick to my body lol!
anyways have a good new year darls.

donnarence said...

happy new year gorgeous!!!!those blushes from bourjois looks nice

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

I can not believe you got Bourjois so cheap!!

I admire you for being able to walk past those ritzy makeup counters, they get me evertime!

I am glad you tried Chi Chi because they are really good quality (even Myer stocks them now) but somehow really cheap!!

I love how you think. You really are getting those bath products free haha. Makeup bags are so expensive these days and i dont even see why.

You look pretty even when your not dressed up and its good how your going of heat, even for a few days during the week. I used to straighten my hair but then my mum was like "Jordan, you were born with dead straight hair. what are you doing apart from killing your hair??". Heat is baddd.

Oh and im not sure if u know but im getting a YouTube...i am so excited. My first video goes up tonight :) :)

Marisa said...

wow the Bourjois pink blush is gorgeous! have to check it out :D

xSplendidStar said...

Ohh I'm not a fan of Bourjois. Their eyeshadows are so sheer and come off so easily >_< & so are their eyeliners. Never tried their blushes though so maybe I would give it a try someday :D

Hehe I can't imagine how hot it must be in Aussie right now, coz England is freezing!

Happy New Year!


bowsnhearts said...

You look lovely in the last pic. It has been very hot in Melbourne lately too.

I have some ChiChi products and they are quite great for the price. I haven't tried out Bourjois yet but would definitely do when I have the moolah again.

Viva La Fashion said...

that's horrible about the lush products. :(

witoxicity said...

That's such a cute outfit you've got on there! It's so cold here (just started snowing again!) that I can't even remember now how summer is! Ha ha!

Btw, I like your rationale for getting the Sugar Baby kit with the makeup bag. Funny! I sometimes think that way too! :D

Anonymous said...

That first pink blush looks really pretty!
and lucky you that its really hot there! its really cold here in boston!

Glamour Diaries said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment and the encouragement, you're so sweet :)
Great post too! Hope you have a fabulous celebration!

- Monica

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

aww your sweet :)
im WAY to shy to go on youtube and way to lazyyy lol. its more work then a blogg.

but i learned from julieg713 mainly. i LOVE her old videos (when i first discovered youtube)the new ones make me mad cuz she stopped using all mac products lol. stillglamourus is amazing. xxsgtigressxx is a favorite but she never does videos anymore, queenofblendingmua is the BEST, petrilude is good for make up tips and learning what a product does, makeupxa is my other favorite,
iwanted2c1video is another favorite, and my new discovery is missjessicaharlow shes very good (i just looked at my susciption list as i typed this) haha hope this helps!

i wonder who youll think i do make up most like let me know im curious! lol

xSplendidStar said...

Aww thanks lovely! You should try Mac blushes, they're really niceee I mean I can see the difference between a drugstore one the Mac, it makes me look more sophisticated or maybe that's just me >_< and plus I have only tried one drugstore blush so I shouldn't say much loool. I should try NARS blushes next, I think they even far more pigmented and only a few ££ more :D

I think since you got a pale skin, well dressed would look pretty on you :D I couldn't choose that since I have a lot of yellow undertone so it wouldn't work with me.


Skye said...

0o00o Great haul hun
and LOVEEEEEE the dress on you!

tenxx said...

hey girl, i nominated you for an award on my blog xxxx

Tali said...

LOVE the bourjois stuff you got.. great colors and sooooo goood!! xx