Sunday, September 20, 2009

Haul: 20/9 + Eyelash Extentions

Goodevening Lovelies!!!
Today I did a little bit of shopping in town. Didnt really buy much though! Im sort of broke until my next pay check (Wednesday WOO HOO!) but then Im buying a Dell Mini Inspiron :) In pink! Soooo excited!
The 2nd Book of the Twilight Series - New Moon $22.99
I dont usually read but Ive decided if Im going to get into it I may aswell read something thats actually interesting! So I dont have to pretend to enjoy reading, Maybe I actually will! The book is so well written! It makes you feel like your THERE.
ModelCo Lash + Brow Growth Activator $42
I shall be doing a review on this!!! It says it will take 2weeks for result, so I shall show you a before and after at the 2 week mark, and then at the 1 month mark :) Fingers crossed!
+ GIFT I love ModelCo's gifts! they always have the best giveaways! this was a 4 piece set - 3 lipgloss/lipstick duos, and a Black Extension Mascara.
I also bought this gorgeous bag! From Acoustic Stomach - It was 50% of their brand, so this was only $50!!! Bargain :)

The 3 Lipgloss shades are Passionfruit, Lychee, and Watermelon.
The 3 Lipstick shades are Peony, Kitty, and Nude.
They smell so good! Like a huge fruit basket mixed with candy :) Yummy yummy.
Wearing the Peony Lipstick in the pic below.

Heres my eyelash extensions that I bought the other day!!! Im wearing them in the pic above too :)
My left eye is without the extension - The right eye is with!

Do you prefer with or without???
Below: With both of the eyelash extensions on.

More Pictures!!!

Done! Rest easy :) xx


xSplendidStar said...

Wow those falsies look really great on you! Love them! I wish I could wear them and be able to pull it off like you but I can't T_T I've tried some lash accelerator too but it didn't even work! LOL xxx

Cheryl said...

NEW MOON! Yayyy. I just started reading the series over again and I'm on ECLIPSE. I'm excited to see your review on the lash/brow growth product!

Doma-Nikki said...

Nice haul!! I love the false lashes :o)

Anonymous said...

The eyelash extensions look amazing yet really natural!!

Im actually reading New Moon atm, half way through now!! x

Miss Rubber Ducky said...

I LOVE your eyelash extensions! Really natural and prettifies your eyes even more...You probably don't need mascara now? Oooh and peony lipstick looks very nice as well.

Juicygirl2906 said...

Hi just want to say thanks for the comment on my new blog greatly appreciated :)

VanityMakeup said...

Love the haul darl!

Starla said...

I thin they look fabulous!
how long do they stay on for?

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

You can def see a difference in the second picture with the eyelash extensions on.
Are they hard to put on? How does it work?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I finished New Moon the other week, I got through it in 4 days. Very easy read but entertaining storyline. That red lippie looks fabulous on you ♥

Mare said...

Definitely WITH! I love fake lashes...

JustJenny said...

i have the model co lash growth activator, and i love it!
i don't use it every night i use it every second night but it does work wonders
just takes a while to show
so glad i found another australian blogger :)

Eugenia said...

Cant wait on your review about the lash/brow extender! I've been seeing so many pop up lately!

Beny Handers from Handers&Kay said...

well i like your eyelash extensions
u look great with.