Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Think You Are An Awesome Girl

I got tagged by the beautiful Anastasia to do this! Check her blog out on - Its definitely worth having a look!

So for this blog I have to share 10 random facts and tag 10 wonderful blogs, So Ill do the facts first!

  1. Im a huge Eminem fan (Shhh!)
  2. My bra size is 10c (Im already stuck on what to write!)
  3. Heath calls me Lauren and I call him Keith; And we're cool with that!
  4. I got a job yesterday! So you will all be seeing alot more hauls from me!
  5. I dont have facebook! Only Myspace and Bebo..
  6. I write poems and quotes
  7. My bestfriend is a boy
  8. Ive done year 11 twice
  9. My fav ice cream flavour is cookies n cream
  10. Phew! Last one! My fav hand cream is Moisture Therapy by Avon!

And the 10 lovely blogs Im tagging areee:

1 comment:

VanityMakeup said...

Thanks for tagging me. & yes, i will do another real post tomorrow :D