Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Haul: The Body Shop

So lately my Studio Fix foundation has been breaking me out really bad! So Ive had a few days without makeup, but I can't stand feeling so naked all the time!
Ive been looking for a new foundation (RIP Studio fix). It was a toss up between bare minerals (from David Jones) or the Moisture foundation from The Body Shop.
I decided on the Body Shop foundation!
Why? Because Ive tried so many mineral foundations and they do nothing for me. They look horrid and cakey on my combo/oily/dry skin and I haven't noticed any difference in my skin tone when using them.
So here's my Body Shop Haul:

From top left: Sample of Vitamin E Serum, Sample of Tea Tree Oil wash, Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues, Moisture Foundation, Pressed Face POwder, 2 x Dusk oil fragrances.

So Why Did I Decide on TBS Moisture Foundation? Because it's cheaper than my studio fix (and Im a tad broke at the moment) and the packaging seems cute!

Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues $4.95:
I adore these things! Miracle papers I call them :) They get rid of the oils on my nose without taking off my makeup like some other blotting tissue do.

Moisture Foundation SPF15 $31.95:
Most people always suggest I should use a matte foundation because of my oil nose, but that just makes the rest of my skin dry and cakey! So I always use a liquid foundation followed by a pressed powder. The texture is lovely and glides onto my skin nicely! So far, so good! I love the fact it has SPF15 - I need this for my sensitive skin! It has decent coverage and I love the fact it has added goodies like Marula Oil (to maintain a glowing complexion).

Pressed Face Powder $24.95
Ive only been using this just for today, but it seems to keep me shine free for the 4hours Ive had this on! The colour matches up perfectly! Not sure what it looks like in photos yet. But it's great for touch ups throughout the day!
Update: I said previously that the Body Shop Pressed Face Powder matches my skin tone well; But after wearing it for 8hours today it has actually turned pink!!! So I wont be buying this again :) But will most probably purchase the TBS Moisture foundation and just use my MAC powder ontop :)
I also bought 2 oil fragrances from Dusk: The two I went for is Morrocan Mint and Plum Delight :)

Whats everyone's favourite Body Shop product?


xLovelyMakeupx said...

thanks for the comment. and cute blog yourself! =]

Makeup Mama said...

Hi, thanks for your comment! I'm loving your little comments on your purchases, makes me want to buy!

I assume someone's tagged you with an award? Usually you just do a post with the award pic in it, thanking the person who tagged you and then awarding more people in return. It's like chain mail from primary school all grown up.

Lorien BeautyLove said...

@ Makeup Mama - Thanks for explaining! Yeah I got tagged twice, I forgot what the first one was though!