Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Haul: 16/9

Hello Lovelies!
Ive been a tad busy the past few days so thought I may aswell update my blog with some of the items I have purchased recently! :) Hope everyone is doing okay!

  1. Palmers Natural Bronzer - great stuff! Buildable, and very natural looking for pale people like moi!
  2. Biore Nose Strips - Love/hate relationship with these! They do unclog some pores, but not all. If I over use my nose gets dry! Ill always use these those, I think its a pyschological thing seeing the pore gunk on the white strip afterwards.
  3. Simple Light Moisturizer - For under $10 this moisturizer is amazing! I love it, I always use it if I cant afford expensive brands. You all should definitely try this!
  4. Lush Fresh Farmacy - Have only started using this, its definitely different to apply! Im used to cetaphil or exfoliates, so its weird making a lather.
  5. Lush Bath bomb $7.50
  6. Face of Australia lip gloss $4.95
  7. Revlon Palette below

These are the most gorgeous spring colours! Very light and airy fairy :) I played around with the colours a little bit! Just for fun :)

then today I popped into Priceline and bought a few more things! Not that I really needed any of them!

  1. Eco Tools Makeup Powder Spongers
  2. Henna Earth & Body Hair Treatment - Under $6! Cant wait to try this out, Will give a review on it :)
  3. Dusk Vanilla Oil - Smells so yummy! My room always smells like Vanilla, Mt Annan or Plum Delight!
  4. Art of Makeup Lip Palette below ---- $3!!

The colours are gorgeous! They look so delightful together in the one pot :)


Emma said...

I know what you mean about those pore strips!!! I tend to use them once every 2 weeks ish. I love seeing what comes out- how gross is that lol

annaloumag said...

i was going to get the lush fresh farmacy a while ago - let me know how it goes!!

Anonymous said...

You will get used to fresh farmacy :) I wasnt keep on useing a soap at first either but seeing how much it helped my skin im totally converted now!

Is Palmers natural bronzer better than say Dove summer glow and Garnier summer body spray?? Because i cant see to get those two to really work for me and always give up applying them.

You made me feel nostalgic talking about spring, England is gross now :(

Elise said...

Hi - I loved this post ! Thank you so much & best wishes...

xSplendidStar said...

Woot! Nice buys :D Right I am so going to go buy that Simple moisturiser now! Heard it so many times that it's really good, hope it can be used under make-up too xD

Oh and I love the look you did with the palette. It definately suits you and brings out the colour of your eyes! xD

Kell said...

ooh i love that lip pallette.. i am so into pink lips right now! those colors are gorgeous - lots of variety :)


Nicole said...

i was not gunna say this comment due to the fact that i thought it would gross you out lol but since you are fascinated with the same thing. my roommate used to call me into her room after she pulled the pore strip off her chin to see how many pores were unglogged lol. love those things!

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Oh my gosh! i was so close to getting that revlon eyeshadow quad thing...but i didnt :(
lol, cute haul i have been looking for the art of makeup things for ages and cant find them at any of my priceline's.

obsessionperfection said...


I bought a set of brushes from eco tools! and I absolutely lovee them!!! so much!

I would reccomend them=]

and i love everrything that you bought!=]

obsessionperfection said...

mee too! and lucky!! i would lovee to go shopping right now. but i am flat broke at the moment lol.

Fashion By He said...

He isnt australian but he thinks your cute

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys point of view, let He know what you think


xSplendidStar said...

Woah seriously??? I thought it was an Aussie brand!!! Then I saw on the package, it said 'Made in UK'. I'm like hmm strange but I really thought the brand was from Aussie and yet it doesn't even exist there? That's crazy! Elvive didn't work for me unfortunately T_T and I really wanted to love it!

lindah said...

makeup in Australia looks pretty much like the ones in the US! lol, well that lipgloss palette anyway. I think it looks like the pop beauty ones.

and I HATE that burts bees! I have to reapply it all the time or else my lips keep getting dry.. I'm just trying to finish it but I find myself reaching for the aquafina one :) and as for mac lipglosses.. I love them! They're so sticky and that's the reason why I love it haha :D yeahh I'm veryy weird!

Gaby said...

That lip palette looks gorgeous! Ush a good deal for $3!

I'm following your blog (=