Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clear Skin Project: Uh Oh!

Sorry for creeping everyone out! but this is me without makeup.
Im trying to get perfect skin; The type of skin that practically everyone on here has! So here's the skin I was born with:

I'll report every few days/per week on how my Clear Skin Project is going :) Hopefully by Summer Ill have crystal clear skin - Only to ruin it by spending my days in the sun at the beach! Life ay? :)

Used the "Crash Course in Skincare" Mask today, here's me with it slathered all over my face!

Charming, right?

It felt really nice on, and the smell is actually quite pleasant.. :) It made the redness on my face less noticable, calmed down a few of my spots and my skin felt so soft!! - So far, so good!

Has anyone got any tips on how to reduce my redness? Any Lush products I should use (Currently obsessed with Lush!!)??


Doma-Nikki said...

I looooove Buffy the backside scrubber... i use this on my thighs, bum and legs and smoothes them right out :o)

Jennifer Rosellen said...

I suffer REALLY bad with redness on my nose and chin and I would suggest the 'loreal studio secrets primer' as I find it helps mattify and reduce redness.

On the market are loads of bright green creams that promise to reduce redness - I used one from Guinot and it completely dried my skin out it was horrible and a total waste of money :( I have also seen a cream to be used under founation from No.7 which has had a few good reviews?

I would say you need to invest in a very good moisturiser and do not use harsh skincare products on the red areas so no cheap spot cream and no over exfoliating!!


Mac concealers are also great for getting rid of redness!xxx

Cheryl said...

what are you talking about?! your skin looks really good without makeup! Have you ever tried "Queen Helene Mint Juliep Mask"? I swear by that stuff...

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Thanks everyone for the advice! Ill definitely be trying out some of these suggestions, xx

Green is the New Black said...

im obsessed with lush too. i really like porridge but dont use it directly on your skin. (use a washcloth) its really abrasive. :)