Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesdays OOTD + FOTD

This was Tuesday's OOTD/FOTD, I had Maths and Chemistry so I decided to sorta like dress a bit "smartish" :) lol..... Hence the vest!

[click to enlarge]

It was 40 degrees that day, fuck the heat wave!!! and I had woken up at 6am, makeup on by 6.30, taking pictures at 7.30am, and my nose was already oily! I love summer, but my oily nose gets like a trillion times worse in dumb weather like this.
This was my eyemakeup.
I wanted to use the navy blue(bottom right), but instead, cos I wasn't focused, i dipped my brush in the dark green (top right)!! I tried putting navy ontop of it, but didn't really work, so I just stuck to the green lol
Australis Palette $12ish


In Year 12 (which is the last year of high school, I'm not sure if other countries call them "forms" of something?) in English, for an essay, is a limit of 1000 words too short?

I have an assignment, and 1000 words is the limit, it just seems so short! I have 1200ish, but thats with editing! Like how are people supposed to be creative if there's a really small limit! UGH. That's why I hated school, STRUCTURE! If I want to write like 3000 words I should be able to!

My teacher, who hates me (cos Im in a "pose" and apparently haven't grown up and should think about how other's "perceive us"), is like, "If it's even one word over 1000, I won't read it.".


Skye said...

i really need to get that palette

Anna Maria said...

haaate y'all for havin' heat jealous..we have snowstorm. :(

Make-up Addict said...

Love the outfit and make-up :)
Oh wow...wish it was that warm here, it's like 2c atm, if that! And it snowed yesterday! :( Lol.

Yeah year 12 would be called 6th form here if you stayed on in school.
But...your teacher sounds like a dick!
Our teachers used to be like that, well it had to be 3000 words, no less! want me to waffle on to make it 3000?? Then you get marked down for that! Lol xx

bowsnhearts said...

God, it is so hot in Melbourne today that I thought I was going to melt.

I saw a lady who actually MIGHT have collapsed due to a heat stroke on a main road!! There was a little boy with her as well who was being looked after by a paramedic as well.

You look very cute with the vest!!

And damn, you still look hot and glowy in sweat!

Anonymous said...

During my first year at Uni i had to write a couple of 1000 essays and i thought it was crazy too that they were so short! We had a discussion about it once, and basically it was because quality is more important than quantity in writting and if the limit is 1000 then you have to edit to keep only the most valid and crucial points off the topic. We were allowed to go 10% above or below a word limit and whats to say that if you do write a hundred or so more words your teacher wont know anyway cos its not like she will sit and count the words! ;p

Im not sure i would cope in your aussie heat but it must be sooo nice to wake up at 6am and its gorgeous sun out x

Krissy said...

Ooh what kinda school do you go to? Youre not at uni yet are you?

And I think 1200 is the perfect length uni we usually get set word limits on assignments but the majority are 1200-1500 words. Just tell your teacher that you feel it wont be as creative if you have to keep editing stuff out to keep with the 1000 words.
Btw I replied to your comment on my blog...I got those shoes from harris scarfe :)


Charlotte said...

Love your makeup! and the outfits cute :).

Sarah said...

I really love the green on you, it looks beautiful! And I agree, my makeup has sweated off by the time I get to work each morning despite the a/c blasting in the car! :(

makeup=love said...

Cute outfit!

That's so good you dont have to wear a uniform!!

That's really strange about the essay.
I'm in year 10 and my teacher was saying she wants a 1500 word essay. And it's only year 10. And the same teacher gave me around 8 essays in about a month and a half! It was crazy!

Teachers are strange, some make you do more then you should have to, so you struggle and then others don't want you to do heaps, but that's even harder!!

Arrgggh, school hey?

streetlighteyes said...

"Smartish" hahaha I love it. You always looks great, but I find I feel crap in anything I wear when it's that hot!

I dip my brushes in the wrong colour all the time, especially when I'm using a large palette. Then just resign myself to the wrong colour choice haha

Schnella said...

Love your makeup and your outfit(: So pretty xxx

For The Fierce said...

lol your teacher is a haterrrr. I love your eyes dahhhling<3

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

so pretty! what foundation do you use? you look flawless dear! <3

tenxx said...

you look stunning girly!! xx

Karen said...

I love the vest on you! I don't think I could pull one off honestly.
I know - word limits were always a bummer for me because I have too much to say LOL. Yes, 1000 words is not much at all!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

aww you look prettty!!! and so does your nose :)