Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Make Up Storage + Lipgloss Of The Week

So here's where I store my makeup! Im really untidying! I have stuff in alot of difference boxes and places, and I forget about products because they're everywhere!
I know I don't have half as much as most of the other bloggers, and I know I don't have a load of high end makeup brands, but whatever :)


Eyeliners/False Lashes/Mascaras


Powder Foundation/Concealors

Did a post on my fav. perfumes click here to view!

I have way more, just that they're everywhere! Like the picture down below, and in my bags, my makeup case, etc.

Stuff I Don't Use/Don't Like


Products I Use Alot, & CBF Putting Them In My Makeup Drawers
Most Of My Foundations


Lipgloss Of The Week
I have a tonne of glosses I need to get through, so to help me out, Ima nominate one of my lipglosses each week to be my favourite :) And through out the whole week, I'll use it!

This week it's Rimmel Vinyl Gloss.
I'm unsure of the name/shade because I purchased it over a year ago! It's still in tip top condition.
It's moisturizing, glossy without being sticky, gorgeous light pink colour, and smells like strawberry/cola Chupa Chups! Really lovely stuff!
It's about $10 from Priceline, Target, etc...

Currently Listening To: Golden Ticket by Manchester Orchestra
(Slow to Learn by Manchestra Orchestra is one of my fav's aswell)

Would Love to see other's Make Up Storage solutions!
So if you've done a post already, or when you do, tell me!


Sush said...

Aww I love the pink and purple storage boxes. your makeup is a lot more ogranized than mine. And I feel yah lol I cant find a lot of things most of the time since its everywhere haha

Sarah said...

Oooh loved this post! I love seeing other peoples makeup storage! You are so organised :)
Hey a question, where did you get your MUFE palette!!???

Anonymous said...

Dang girl, I need one of those boxes but bigger for all my makeup. Right now I'm soo unorganized. My makeup is just in my makeup bags lol.. I love your makeup though!

I am now following your blog.

Nicole said...

cute draws, nice and cream and boring lol

Kyanvi said...

I love the colour of the boxes, so girly ;-P


Jeri said...

Cute little storage thing! Haha I'm the same, I try to keep my make-up tidy but whenever I use anything I just chuck it wherever, so I have to do a tidy up like once a month.

Make-up is a girls best friend said...

That is A LOT of make-up :)

You have some amazing collection!

Is that Juicy Couture perfume I see with the pink bow? :)

And your storage drawers are so cute!

streetlighteyes said...

You have some really good stuff! It's good to see an Aussie's collection because they are all brands that I recognise!


samajama27 said...

Thats a really good idea to use one lipgloss per week. Really nice collection too!

Schnella said...

Amazing collection darling(:

Heart & Anchor said...

I love those boxes! I've seen them in the reject shop, i've been looking for a new way to store my make up and this could be quite a cheap and easy solution - thanks for the inspiration!

Where did you get you MUFE pallette from? Pls say somewhere in Sydney lol!

Krissy said...

Haha this is awesome! I store my makeup in drawers from the reject shop too, lol.
I love how you've got a random bin of stuff you dont use/like. I've got a drawer in my bedside table full of random makeup that I never use but I feel like I might need it one day.
And your perfume collection is very similar to mine...I'll have to do a post on it sometime!

tina_mbc said...

Hehe, that's definitely not a little amount! ;)


a tad bit DORKISH ?! said...

Ohh how cute! I need to get me some cute draws like that, mine are just sitting in trays in my drawers haha

I love posts like this - must be a girl thing to be interested in what other girls have because my bf is constantly teasing me about caring about these things


Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Oooo i love those storage boxes.
You have such a cute collection.
I love how you organize it into CBF putting it into draws, draw. LOL that made me laugh. I really like the way you set out your makeup.
Would you say you like the Rimmel gloss more than the Australis?
Cause pretty sure you cant beat the smell of peaches with the Australis one but sometime the formula looks a bit like cream on my lips...which is why it's so moisturising! Is the Rimmel one any different?

Oh and i will have to check out Steve Madden shoes, where do you purchase them?


Karen said...

It really helps to be organized doesn't it? LOL. Oh, I'm so not organized with my makeup. I just stash it all away and I'm scared to even know what I have because there's so much I don't really use :\ And I just broke two of my makeup bags (the zippers gave up) on the same day LOL. But way to go with your makeup storage :)

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

the pink storage boxes r adorable!!!!!