Thursday, February 11, 2010

American Apparell Hoodie + MAC Fix

 $61 from American Apparel.

I bought my second Fix + !! I have stated in previos posts or in comments on other bloggers pages that I didn't like this, but I've started using this with just powder foundation, and omfg it's brilliant!
I'll do a post about my powder foundation routine :) I used to just use powder to set, but now I'm using it as my all over foundation!! Total powder convert!
It's only $27, which is so reasonable! Rose Water from Jurlique is $37 and you don't get as much!

How does everyone use their MAC Fix + ?

To set?
Blend powder?
for more Intense Eyeshadow?


Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

i'm totally intrigued by this powder foundation routine of yours. definitely looking forward to your post :D

thanks for visiting my blog! i will try to do a review on the L'oreal Telescopic mascara once i get a better camera ;) my photos with my current camera keep coming out blurry, it makes me sad :(

i'm following you now too :) xx

a tad bit DORKISH ?! said...

I am also interested in this powder foundation routine, I've been wanting to use just powder especially because it's so hot in Melbourne :( but I've never know how to do it correctly I always end up looking so powdered? Haha

Your makeup always looks stunning so be cool to see that routine


♥ Netty's World ♥ said...

Just like you said, I use mine over my MAC studio fix powder. Perfect dewy finish :)

Elise said...

will be giving it a go - thanks !

Have a great weekend

bowsnhearts said...

I love your hoodie!!

Lots of people have such negative comments about FIX+ that I got a bit skeptical!

I might try it at counters now since yours is probably the first positive review that I have read!

tenxx said...

you look stuning, way cute hoodie. just about to nominate you for an award x

Nicole said...

i use this to set my whole face. sometimes if my skin is feeling a little dry and my face looks too powdery ill spritz this on my face and it looks a lot more refreshed and hydrated.

Karen said...

I use to live in hoodies the last two years of university ;)
I love MAC Fix+. If I use my MAC studio fix powder foundation, powder bronzer and powder blush, I look a bit cakey so just spritz it on my face and it gives a nice dewey look.

streetlighteyes said...

I've nominated you for an award!
:) xx

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

oooo. the hoodies cuteeee.!!

if you mean the guy in the new years post with the streachers...yes that was my bf LOL

Marce said...

Cute hoodie! I don't have Fix +, I use Aveda's thermal water and it works great at helping me blend my foundation. Fix + is great for foiling pigments, too!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love the ears!

Anonymous said...

i want your kitty ears :( so cute!
love fix+ it's so handy for everything!


nana said...

you have an amazing body!
and i love that hoodie!
i use fix+ for setting powder foundation, refreshing, foiling eyeshadow, and make liquid foundation not as thick :-)

Gaby said...

Hello! Yeah I can't wait to try Pinked, even if I've been disappointed by those reyeshadows so far... they are so sheer! Hopefully Pinked will be more pigmented!

Thanks for the tip. I should really try to use my eyeshadows wet.

Ashwini said...

I've put Fix+ on my next haul list too for the same reason--I'm obsessed with powder foundation. It's the only thing that doesn't break me out. Great tip! Love your blog; just started following you. :)

laurenrhiannon said...

How toned is your wee stomach! biatch! :) x

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

I LOVE MAC FIX. It is an awesome product. WOW i havn't been on your blog is ages, sorry!!
Your new posts before this that i missed are great too.
The hoddie is too cute! Your so skinny, your seriously crazy beautiful!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

That hoodie is gorgeous! xx