Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shortie Shorts BUDGET Haul

Supre is having like a massive clearance of shorts at the moment! I know that the majority of Aussie girls think Supre is cheap or tacky or whatever ("Supre SLuts" ???) but they seem to be the only denim shorts that fit me perfectly! I'm not ashamed to admit that I love their basics like singlets and t-shirts, and I use their plain black tights for excerising and for my work uniform when I was a waitress.

I would love to be able to afford all of my clothes from places like Sportsgirl or Globalize, but I can't spend $50-$100 per singlet! Even if Icould, most of my basics would be from Supre anyway! The size range it awesome, and even though they fade quickly and get distored, they're cheap so you can buy a new one every few months anyways!

Anyways, The first two shorts from Supre were only $5 each!!
The one on top is a xxxs black pair, then the blue pair is an xxs, and the bottom black pair is xxs, yet they all fit perfectly? but they have like difference between like 5cm-10cm.. WEIRD
The denim pair below was $38 and the black stretchy pair were $10 :)

The black singlet with sequened detail is a Billabong singlet from Jetty Surf for $49.95. That's probably the max I'd pay for a singlet or tee!!! and the grey over sized t-shirt was only $7.50 from Supre :)
I have a collective haul from weeks ago but I cbf uploading all the pictures!!! and hauls get boring after a while!!! so I'll post a OOTD/FOTD using some stuff that I bought in this post :)

Does anyone know the brand Hurley?
It's like a skatey type brand? Anyways, Ive been obsessed with their hoodies for years (they have xs which are tiny! most surfy/skatey hoodies are too big for short people like me) and now they do TRACKIESSSS!!!!

I know in America trackies are fine, but for European people, would you been seen out and about in trackies? Like wear them to school??


streetlighteyes said...

I don't really wear shorts cos I am too short and they make me look really dumpy but hooray for cheap things!

I don't mind Supre at all. Some of the stuff can be quite tacky but a lot of their basics are pretty cool. I own a fair few things from Supre

Although I remember when Supre first opened, I was about 11? I went in there with a friend of mine and there was a tshirt with a clear plastic pocket & inside it was a condom in a wrapper. The wording on the tshirt was 'for emergency only' or something. Soooo tacky, but they don't stock shit like that anymore haha


Dela Rome said...

love that supre has cheap basics!!

CHELSS said...

European's like England right?
So in UK you have to wear a uniform to school, so we only wear trackies for p.e (gym?)
and when out of school if you wear trackies all the time and like the hoodie's to match your seen as a "Chav" (you know what one is?)
So yeah, you can wear them out but we wouldnt wear them all the time, unless were a "Chav"
hope i helped :)

Anonymous said...

I mainly wear trackies/sweatpants when im at home relaxing so to wear them out feels a bit weird, like im out in my pjyamas.

On the odd occasion i will wear them to the doctors or hospital appointments but even then i feel a bit odd lol even though they are so comfy.

Anonymous said...

I think that as long as you have two different sets of trackies (one for loungin around home, and a nice spiffy pair) then wear the spiffy tracksuit to school! Addidas have some really lovely ones that I think look fabulous :)

LOLanne said...

i love how you call tank tops "singlets" :P
and what are trackies? lol


veronicaa said...

I am from Canada and I think they have to be done tastefully :)
LuLuLemon and TNA are HUGE here - YOGA type pants - but they are starting to fade.
VERY comfy though & good for the gym.
Xoxo Veronica
Passion for Fashion