Monday, February 22, 2010


I've said this before, but I'm really lacking in inspiration for posts!
I went into town and bought this clutch from Live for $40
BORING, I know haha I think I'm probably going to maybe be buying a really pretty dress tomorrow! It's from my Forever New and it's on sale for $99 It's just that my boobs look big in it, but squished? Dunno, it's weird!
I'm bringing my brother into town so I can get his opinion on it! My friend and the shop people said it looked nice, but my brother always gives an absolute honest opinion! and he's like gay so he knows what suits and what doesn't haha

and OMG the salon that my eyebrow waxer works at, isn't there anymore!!! IT's closed down!!! and my eyebrows and like fully spastic at the moment cos it's been like 3weeks! and I went on Vogue Forum for eyebrow waxer recs in Adelaide, and basically everywhere else has changed hands or whatever.

so my hair's yellow, my eyebrows are fuzzy, and I got to school late! not a good day!


Skye said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeeee your makeup super pretty and elegant, and that bag is so cute,the colour is hot!

Schnella said...

You look beautiful(:
And i love that clutch bag, super cute!

VanityMakeup said...

GAH, you're so pretty.
Seriously, I'm jealous. x

vi said...

i really like your outfit!

and hmmm. maybe you can post about your personal life a little bit? i love getting to know bloggers. =)

streetlighteyes said...

this is the best look i've seen on you! it brings out your eyes so much!
i love that skirt too ^.^

bowsnhearts said...

I love the skirt! And how you have done your eyeliner!

You have such gorgeous eyes! said...

heaps pretty - you look really refreshed !
and yellow hair and fuzzy eyebrows? Please tell me your lying .. you look stunning :)


Sarah said...

Lookin' good as always missy :)
LOVE your eye makeup, it is flawless and does make your eyes look HUGE! Wow!!!

I know what you mean about lacking inspiration!! Hey, you could always do a look for my contest ;P

Make-up Addict said...

Aw you look cute :)
Love the clutch too! Such a beautiful colour! xx

hannahbabeyxo said...

You look gorgeous! :) & I love your skirt! XO

April said...

your eye makeup looks fab. I wish I could get that look without my watering eyes washing it off in 5 minutes!

For The Fierce said...

I really like the simple eyeliner on you, it makes your eyes pop! I wish I had beautiful blue eyes <3

& the skirt, so chic! =)

Anonymous said...

love the skirt and ur make up is so pretty!
and i think u should buy the dress.. :) forever new is awesome! *snaps*
and i was just wondering what ur doing at uni since u've mentioned school a few times now..
have a great day and dnt forget to show us ur new dress!!

LOLanne said...

whooooooo... you look absolutely flawless in that half body pic! looove the make up on you too... very simple but still stand out (does that even make sense? lol w/e youre hot!)


Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Your so incredibly pretty!!!! I am really loving your winged eyeliner! What mascara did you use?

Krissy said...

I love that eye makeup, makes your eyes look unreal! :D

thesydneygirl said...

love your makeup girl!!! the eyeliner is perfection! x

VaidaG said...

I loooove the color of your clutch... and overall-it's so pretty :)