Monday, February 8, 2010

Pre-Planned Fringe OOTN

Hey Guys, Sup!?
So not this weekend, but next weekend, is the Adelaide Fringe for 2010! Iam so excited! It's just like a street party in town in which pretty much every teen goes! It's like a facebook party, like you see people you haven't seen for months, even years! It's awesome :) Basically everyone just gets drunks, goes to clubs, or hangs out on the street or goes to HJs on the corner :) It's lovelyyyyy,

In Australia at the moment, I'm not sure about everywhere else in the world, but like this whole "Sailor" patterned-ness clothing and what not is very much in. I'm not into fashion, like if something looks shit on me (FLORALS!) I won't wear it, but I can totally pull off black/white or blue/white stripes!

I bought this body suit a few months back, and I can't really wear it every day cos it's so revealing! I've tried it with singlets, but it just isn't the same! So if you don't like boobie pics, don't look!

How pretty is the cute little buttons on the top? I need a better bra so that my boobs are like phwoar! :)
I'm wearing flats, you can see in the first picture, but I'll probs end up wearing heels, especially cos flats make my calves look huge, Im not even kidding! Look at them! If you didn't notice the hugeness the first time round, seriously go double check!

I'm thinking red heels :)
Or I have new satin pink peep toes!? That I'll post in my next haul :) Which'll be in a few hours!

And what should I do bout accesories?

What's yours favourite event/holiday of your year?


Sarah said...

Whit WHOO!!!!
You look stunning!!!!!!!!!
I think you should do some gorgeous red lips with this outfit, you will look ah-mazingggg!!!!!!!

VanityMakeup said...

Hun,you are so gorgeous.
And that top is to die for. :D

streetlighteyes said...

Definitely go with heels, the outfit is too dressy to work with flats (though they do not make your calves look "huge" ya dirty liar-I doubled checked & everything! :D)
Accessories-wise, I'd say no necklace though if you do then something short. You don't want anything to distract from the from where your boobies will be on display for all the see ;)
You look great

Jerrys Lane said...

very pretty. sounds like its gonna be a fun party!!

Krissy said...

wow you are a stunner Lorien!!
You have awesome boobs, they look almost airbrushed or something :D haha I hope that doesnt sound weird!!
And Ive never heard of that festival but it sounds fun!

peachykeen said...

I think that dress is STUNNING. You look beautiful in it as well :) xoxo

Fifi said...

That sounds like so much fun! I used to go to that kinda party a lot back in my hometown. Everybody knows everybody so it's really awesome to see everyone's dressed up and to hang out together all night.

I must say you look gorgeous in that dress!
And lol - few days ago I bought a body suit dress in floral pattern and now I realize how much I hate it. XD

Anonymous said...

Lorien you are stunning! And I agree with krissy, your boobs look airbrushed! I'd kill to have such gorgeous skin!

Oh and ps, ur calves are far from huge (and yes I double checked lol)


Anonymous said...

I dont think your calves look huge and i double checked ;p But do think red heels will look hot espesh if you are painting your nails red again.

I would keep accesories simple and maybe only wear a chunky braclet or something seeing as the top is quite detailed as it is you dont want a necklace on too. Your going to look amazing!

Make-up Addict said...

I LOVE that dress!! It looks amazing on you! Definitely wear with heels! :) xx're calves aren't huge at all! You should see mine! Lol x

bowsnhearts said...

It looks so very stunning on you! Who doesn't love cleavage!! Awesome figure hunnie!

Okay, I am not a lesbian...I just really appreciate beauty! In all shapes and sizes!

nana said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :-)
I have never used cream blushes either, but love the lipstick trick. Its simple to blend, the brush does it all! Just try, practice makes perfect, anyone can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I love it!!
I think some chunky bronze bracelets :D:D:D and that would be it.
With some banging bronze, black and deep blue eyeshadow :):)!!
OR simple black liquid eyeliner big lashes and red lips.
With red shoes, and nails :)!

Anonymous said...

And your hair like up in a big messy bun or pony tail!!! febyufhwyuhwudw
But you will look gorgeous with whatever you do.

hannahbabeyxo said...

That dress is amazing! You look gorgeous XO

Anonymous said...

SO amazing:D
Wear it!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing, this dress is gorgeous xoxo

UrbanMermaid said...

The dress really looks amazing on you! And satin heels sound great xoxo

UrbanMermaid said...

And btw you think wearing flats make ur calves look huge? You should see ME in flats! That's why I only own like.. 3 pairs? LOL :P

Make-up is a girls best friend said...

Gorgeous dress :D

I think the red heels wouldbe best :)

My favourite time of year is eithermy birthday or christmas :)

LOLanne said...

when you warned people about your boobie pics... i scrolled reaaally fast to see lol does that make me a perv?? hahah

i wasnt disappointed ;) geeeez youre sooo hot!!

as for accesories, i say stick with big earrings.... orrr bangles... not both... and no necklaces cuz thatll just take away from your boobies... oh and the front detail on your shirt ;)


a tad bit DORKISH ?! said...

OMG wow .. you look absolutely stunning.

How dare you say your calves look huge? I would die for your legs hun!

The dress looks amazing on you! You will definately get all the looks at the party.

I agree with majority of the comments on here - Heels would look so much better, you wont need a necklace but maybe some chunky bangles ?

Be sure to take heaps of pics from the party


Nicole said...

WHA BAMMM . thats what i think about this dress lol i LOVE the neck line

For The Fierce said...

whaaaat, HAUTE! Its alittle sailor-like, loooove it. & yesss red heels would look so good with that outfit.

Doma-Nikki said...


Karen said...

I wish we had Adelaide Fringe here!
I LOVE the dress. I love low cut tops in general. And the sailor thing is in here too! Hmmm...I think red or white or black heels would go well with this because those are the colours I think of in terms of sailor style ;)
I think some rings or bracelet would go well but I avoid necklaces when I wear low cut tops so that all your attention is where it should be! LOL.

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

yay 4 boobie pics LOL

Cheryl♥ said...

Your boobs look AMAZING! haha Not that i'm creeping, but that top gives some serious cleavage... I need it haha

Anonymous said...

hi i was wondering bra you were wearing under this dress?? its so hard to find a great bra!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

@ Anon - its an "Ultimate Body" bra from Bras and Things, its style number is H0201 :) its like adjustable/rearrangable bra thingooooo :)

Anonymous said...

what do you think of this bra? would you recommend it? and how much is it?

Lorien BeautyLove said...

@ anon - it was about AU$50ish :) its not really a push up bra, it has an underwire and a TEENY TINY bit of padding (atleast compared to my other bras haha), its not my favourite bra, the only reason i wore it cos its one of he only changeable bras i have to make it into a halter-neck bra :) its pretty decent, but not the best!! some great bras are like satin indulgence, calvin klein from myers, playboy bras (although they stretch after like 2-3 wears, but after you wash them they shrink back) and also short stories (the firm-feeling ones)

just make sure that the straps that go across your rib cage are FIRM, i used to wear a 12C but now i wear either a 10C or 8DD because it gives me soooo much better support :)