Thursday, February 11, 2010

FOTD with my kitty catty! + Mini Haul

Hey Guys,
Today I didn't go to school because I had Maths and Chemistry, it's really over whelming because I missed the first week of school, which meant I missed about 5hours of work on both subjects! I'm behind, and I went to class on Tuesday, but I just got so frustrated that I didn't know the basics cos I missed out on the orientation week! ugh. So Im going to the tutorial centre tmoz and they'll teach me everything so I'm up to speed!!

Anyways!!! I called up my friend and decided to go shopping instead. It was a weird day, like 35+ degrees, but it rained? So I was in thongs and a dress, carrying an umbrella, and slipping all over the concret! I'm not sure what would've been more frustrating; slipping all over the concret with frizzy hair, or going to Maths and Chem class.

I didn't buy much at all, just these sandals (or "flip flops" as Natalie from Beauty Has No Label calls them LOL I love how different countries have different words! like we call rubber sandals "thongs" and thong in England means g-string; pretty sure?)
 And this dress from Supre. It was only $15, score!!
 Ima wear this dress with thes new shoes I bought from Betts a few days ago...
... So cute :)

But this is cuter!!!

This is my gorgeous kitty cattennn Noonie! I absolutely love her, even though she's overweight, way selfish and only friendly when she feels like attention.
Sorry my face is like munted in all of these, but I was like laughing half the time! She's too cute! Look at her face she wants to get away! hahaha
 She has a foot fetish!! hahaha No joke, I didn't like poke her with my foot or anything, she was just like rubbing her face in my foot WTF!
Just some other non-noonie pictures :)


Karen said...

Hi Lorien! you look gorgeous as always :) Awww and Noonie is soo cute! I love animals and I LOVE your new heels. I love platform peeptoes!!
Yah, when you first said you were wearing thongs I seriously thought you meant your underwear/panties haha. We call them flip flops too though...and they are terrible if you wear them in the rain - it's dangerous!

Skye said...

omg u look gorjuz hun and i loveeeeee your new heels

Make-up Addict said...

Aww you look lovely :) And your cat is so cute!!

Haha...yeah it makes me laugh too how we all have different words.
I'd call them sandals. Flip flops, to me are ones without a back.
Yeah and thong means G-String. Lol.
Love the dress and the pink shoes (I want!! Lol) xx

VanityMakeup said...

Loving those heels!
And you're TOO gorgeous, gimme some :D

bowsnhearts said...

You look like a model in the last picture!

Have you entered any modelling contest? You should!!!

peachykeen said...

Wahey flip flops! ;) Those sandals are really pretty! And yup, in the UK thong = g string!

That dress is actual LOVE!! Great post :)


J. said...

I love your new sandals!

Anonymous said...

I find it funny how words differ in different countries too. Those shoooes are gorgeous!!! I wish i could walk in things like that lol all i can do is collect them in my closet.

When we had a cat she had a handbag fetish and if you left a leather handbag on the floor or near her reach she would rub her face all over it lol, aww i miss her!

Sarah said...

Ohhh you look sooooooo gorgeous!!! Love these photos!!!
Hahaha I love our aussie slang- especially thongs and root LOL

caseybby said...

I love love love those shoes! :)

I'm from America (New Jersey) and I have the 'different words' issue with my aunt.. she's from the south, i'm from the north... soda is pop to her, sprinkles are jimmys, sandwiches are hoagies. I find it interesting too! haha

Hope you're having a great week!

Schnella said...

Your cat is so cute(:
You look gorgeous! And those heels are amazing xx

LOLanne said...

haha ditto on the different words... i love how you call tank tops "singlets" :P

those pumps look super sexy... i loooove the colour and the satiny material :) super girly!

awww Noonie's sooo cute!! my bf's cat, Yoshi does the EXACT same thing with my feet lol


Anonymous said...

what ur nose isnt any different its still pointy at the enddd?

Lorien BeautyLove said...

@ anon. first off all, you sound pretty dumb talking about something you know nothing about! LOL you do realise there's different types or rhinoplasty? open? closed? septoplasy? no? didnt think so.

secondly, my nose has changed quite a bit, look at previous pictures, alot has changed!!

thirdly, it's a month post-op, in 3 months 70% of swelling will have gone down; even then there will still be another 30% to go!! my nose is uneven, there's a hump on the left upper side, and major swelling on the right lower nostril..

check back in 3 months - a year and you'll see the final result. but if you weren't blind, you'd have seen a difference :)

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

sooo.... be prepared for me to go to your house and steal those pink shoes...omfg <3333 love them

Lu said...

I just looked at your blog and was like hmmmm, I don't recognise any of these posts?! And it seems I wasn't fllowing you?! I have no idea how that happened as I defo used to be!! :'(

You look so cutsie here :) xXx

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Aww my cat does that too! She rubs all over my feet! It's cute lol xx