Friday, February 19, 2010


Hey guys,
I'd just like to say that I'm sorry for all these boring posts Ive been posting.. I have like a bloggers-block and can't think of what to write about, and when I do think of something to write about I can't be bothered cos I'm too tired from school!!

Last night was the Fringe Opening Night where these is usually a really good street party, but last night was so lame and the majority of people there were like these 15 year olds in heels getting drunk and bumping into each other.

I can't stand town, I'm 19 and I look like I'm 16, but the youngest guy that offered to buy me a drink was 23 years old!! uhhhhh.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, blogger has made tham super dooper blurry! The first picture is what I actually wore, and the second picture is what I was going to wear (black top, black shorts, pink heels) I decided to go casual cos I cbf going clubbing afterwards! I just went to the Woolshed and RoseMont and talked and played pool :)
* please excuse my bra showing!
If a guy approaches you and starts talking to you, and offers to buy you a drink, but you are not interested in him at all, should you decline?
should you accept the drink, because he obviously came over to talk to you because he wants to hook up, therefore he's just using you, so you may aswell use him? even if you don't plan on hooking up with him?

does that make any sense?


Rosie said...

when you're 35 i expect you won't mind that baby face too much!! xD and as for the question i'd say option A, but only cause i wouldn't have to balls to carry out option B. hahah good luck with the writers block!

booboo said...

i like your style! simple yet cute, alot like mine :) to answer your question, i would accept the drink and be like, um i have to kinda go my boyfriends over there, BURN! haha :) said...

I would go with Option A. No interest then no point is the way I see it, dont enjoy wasting time especially since I am not getting any younger haha .. dont need a man to buy me a drink when I can buy my own ;)

You looked very nice my dear - I would kill for a figure like yours haha

Pity you didnt have as much fun though ! :(


Sarah said...

Aw you look so gorgeous!!! And I agree killer figure you have there :)

Hmm how about C). Do a P!nk and tell him to keep his drink and just give ya the money instead ;)

Anonymous said...

you've got a lovely figure! :D
I agree with
he'd have to do more than just buy u a drink and you're well able to hold your own.


vi said...

you look very pretty!

and hmmm. i would accept the drink. there's a way to be gracious about receiving a drink, it doesn't mean you have to hook up with him. =)

Anonymous said...


hannahbabeyxo said...

You have such a great figure, & I like about 15 & im 18 haha! XO

Anonymous said...

I dont like to accept drinks from people i dont know- not everyone has good intentions and you could get spiked.

If i was interested in the guy then maybe, but i would have to watch him buy it. I dont like weirdo guys trying to hit on me when im out though lol so i dont want to encourage them anymore by letting them buy me drinks

bowsnhearts said...

You have awesome legs, babe!

I have never had a guy try to buy me a drink so I can't help you there! It's quite disgraceful, I know, since I am 23. But I guess it's because I am such an introvert and I have never been to a music festival or spring racing? Only been to clubs and pubs twice when I was 17!

I wish I look younger now!Every morning, I seem to see new lines on my face. I am really contemplating botox.

Skye said...

i loveeeeeeeeee your outfit, u should so be a model,oh and i say take the drink and run lol

Aleksis said...

You look so HOT! And omg you do NOT look 16 and besides you really only start looking older when you are around far as the drink situation goes, you can accept it and then be nice and say 'see ya' big deal!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

shit, take the drink, guys use girls all the time. use him for all hes worth!!! lol

For The Fierce said...

I'd take that drink & be on my wayyyyy

Make-up is a girls best friend said...

If it were me I would decline the offer because it would just draw him on more! If you take the drink them turn him down later it could draw him on in a bad way!!

Thats just my opinion based on Irish lads!

Make-up Addict said...

If he's ok, take the drink and just chat. But if he's an absolute idiot, tell him to fuck off....that's what I usually do! Lol :)

Love the outfits, look look lovely :) xx

Make-up Addict said...

Oh dear god...realised my mistake on that post! LOL!
Meant to say "you look lovely" (not look look lovely. Lol) xx