Monday, December 21, 2009

Haul: Clutch, Boxer Shorts, Dotti Top

Tiny tiny haul!!!

Im getting my nose done next year (3 weeks!!!) so Im like pov as at the moment!
I went shopping today, and bought 3 things that I couldnt resist!!!

Playboy Silk Shorts

Dont know if you've noticed this or not, but half of my lingerie is Playboy!! Some may think its tacky/cheap/slutty but I think most of their stuff is gorgeous!! Not the best quality FABRICS, but the desgins and patterns are great!! Reasonably cheap stuff, so I couldnt say no to these shorts :)
Cute little diamante playboy in the corner *whistle whistle*

Dotti Top
Just a plain sorta slouchy top. Planning to wear this at Christmas lunch with jsut a pair of denim shorts. Gonna dress it up with some major BLING.

Valley Girl Clutch
Love this!! It was so cheap I couldnt resist it! I love the new look box clutches, but they never fit my Powder, Lipgloss, Phone, and $$!! So I always have to go for medium sized clutches, big ones look over powdering and I feel are sloppy!!! Its pretty shit quality though, I was holding one in the shop and in the 5minutes I was holding it and opening and checking it out a thread came loose!! So I got a different one ahahha

Hahahaha and all together :) If they werent PJ shorts I reckon it'd look pretty mad as an outfit!

So thats my tiny haul!
Sorry for the lameness of my last few posts, but Im sure some of you are looking forward to seeing my new nose? I am.. Its like not just anew pair of shoes or whatever, its like a totally new NOSE. Insane....


Peonies and water lilies said...

Love the clutch bag, so pretty x

Make-up Addict said...

Loving the shorts!!! :D I wonder if they do them in the UK!? :) xx

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

those shorts are so cute and i love the ruffled clutch!

Anonymous said...

That clutch is so lovely, great find!

Sarah said...

Ohh great little haul! LOVE that clutch it is just so gorgeous! And those boxers are not slutty at all- they are cute as!

Eternally Fixated said...

Love all these looks!!!

LOVe your blog!!!!

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J-ezzy said...

Love the clutch!!! Great haul :D