Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Paranormal Activity Review

So I went to see Paranormal Activities today at Marion MegaPlex with my friend today, and we decided itd be scarier if we were stoned.
After the $16.50 admission fee (we cant pull off students anymore :( so dumb..) we ignored our set seating and chose our own seat.
After the first 30minutes I kept telling myself that this was the beginning, and that it will get better. It didnt.
It got so dumb. Like at first its realistic, but not at all scary, and then its half scary, but not at all realistic.
At the end of the movie, I stopped believing in ghosts(or demons, in this case), and I had an intense hatred for the 2 actors that "starred"in this movie.
The girl was all drama, drama, drama and the guy was acting like some bigheaded narcissist. CHHK CHHK BOOM! pow pow to them both.
I had however managed to get through a Large popcorn, Large coke, box of oreas, packet of Big Boses, and a nougat bar and flake; with the help of my friend.
So atleast the Candy Bar didnt waste our $$ like the actual movie did.



hahaha sorry had to mention this, funniest bit ever is when she gets pulled from the bed. its like DOOP! and she smacks onto the floor hahaha


xSplendidStar said...

LOL! Omg I watched it too! But on the internet so I didn't splash my money out to watch it in the cinema. Yeah I didn't really like the movie. Maybe it's nto suited to be a movie but more like documentary? Wait it's not even real! LOOL

Hope you're doing well :)


Sarah said...

You did well to sit through it- atleast you had food to occupy you! I never got the whole Blair Witch Project hype so I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be my kinda movie either!

Krissy said...

Omg I was so scared through the last section of the movie when things became a little scarier. And that night I couldnt sleep, I was soo paranoid hahaha...and yeah people were laughing in the movies when she got dragged out of bed lol :P

Cake Girl said...

haha! You're funny! I haven't seen it yet, but have been debating whether to or not.
I won't now I know it's a pile of poo and not realistic.

I wish someone would do a realistic played down non dramatized horror movie, which is terrifying.

But saying that, I hate horror movies, but I have to watch them. I get completely freaked! x

tenxx said...

girl you should not be getting stoned! bad stuff :(

i seen it tonight too, def wasn't all it was hyped up to be !!

Glamour Diaries said...

Okay, so there are more bad than good reviews on this one. Imma steer clear! I only had one friend who said she was scared.... I've seen too many *bad* movies lately (new moon, dark country) I need a refreshing change. This would not be it then.
Thanks for the review!

Jasmine said...

you're review is dead on. that was honestly one of the worst "horror" movies I've ever seen. I hated how non-chalant the boyfriend was about everything. He deserved what he got. I'm really happy to see I'm not the only person who feels that way.

peachykeen said...

I've only seen the trailer to this film, and I'm still going to go and see it just so that I can say I have lol. But I've heard so many people talk about how 'terrifying' it is. The trailer didn't seem all THAT scary to me? Maybe we're just tough cookies ;) xoxo

LOLanne said...

i find with this movie, people were either scared shitless orrrr laughing/bored. unfortunately i was part of the scared shitless bunch :((

... it's funny, cuz the part you thought was hilarious, where she gets pulled off the bed... was actually one of the parts i found extremely scary :S yahhh, im a pussy lol


Louise said...

I've watched this and I think its alright, not the best but I loved the ending so that made it up for me

Aleksis said...

Omg if it still wasn't good while you were high, it must have been REALLY bad! lol My boyfriend's brother watched it on the internet and spoiled the whole thing for me...glad he did now that you said it sucked!

lorenabr said...

I watch it. It´s interesting:)

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

I havn't even heard of it before though. The picture even makes it look funny!

Neira said...

haha you're hilarious! I saw it with my boyfriend and we were both a little freaked out in certain scenes but yea it was definite DRAMA haha

love this post, funny!
and yes I too buy more "bed outfits" and when I wear the same thing twice in a week because of my lack of shopping for outerwear I just want to yell out BUT I HAVE PRETTY UNDERWEAR ON!! haahah

Makeup By Lauren P said...

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Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...


andd lol im so lazy to wash my brushes thats why i dont really do e/s no more lol *sigh*
and yeah i trim them when i notice they are too longg

Skye said...

omg u hit it on the head with this one, that was the crapest movie ever... scary pfft pleaseeeee!

Anonymous said...

yeah i seen that a while ago, it was good at first and i thought it was gonna be really scary but all the anticipation builds up to NOTHING! it just ends so stupidly...ugh!
16.50 is ALOT! i would be mad too! lol it cost me 4$ hahaha

Princesa said...

thanks for sharing and letting us know ! .. i hate it when movies dont "entertain".. or even scare..
btw you are gorgeous love your fotd and outfit posts

bryna said...

damn, i heard this movie was good!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing about the movie Lorien ;) Yah I totally avoid scary movies now - I'm waaay too paranoid as it is already haha!

Sarah said...

Hahaha your comment made me laugh that you wouldn't expect me to like Jacks Mannequin! Can't always judge a book by it's cover :P I actually went to a Fall out Boy concert a few years ago to see them as they were the supporting act but we missed the freakin train and only got to see their final song! I was gutted!

juddLOCKS said...

haha fuck yeh! (its an amazing book, skinny bitch, especially if your already skinny)

Pinklumpysugar said...

Haha I know what you mean about the intense hatred towards those two!
This movie was kind of a psychological thing for me because I thought the movie was really dumb and boring but on the other hand I couldn't sleep well that night. I was half awake expecting to find my hubby staring at me...scary stuff I tell you! So I guess it messed me up somehow lol :)