Wednesday, December 9, 2009



OOTD in the afternoon (was wearning denim shorts and the singlet to the movies)

yay for new jeans.
I got a pair of Lee "Riders Low Super Skinny" in size 7 for $89.95 (which I think is cheap for jeans!)

Ive never worn Lee jeans before, because I felt that they didnt fit me. I love Bardot Jeans and Supre Jeans because theyre stretchy!!!
Anyways found out that Lee jeans STRETCH to your shape eventually. So I got the size 7, cos the 6 was too small, and the 8 was HUGE.

I love the blue denim and WHITE STITCHING! always wanted a pair of these!

Im going out on FRIDAY NIGHT, Im gonna wear the jeans, a plain top, plain heels, then a BRIGHT AS clutch. Good idea?
Should I go light and airy fairy with WHITE?

Or BLACK? I vote black..

Does anyone have a pair of Lee Jeans?
Will mine stretch a bit so they dont feel so tight? Or should I return them before I lose my receipt?


hs2rts; miss. annebabes said...

i'm loving the white top + white heels & BRIGHT clutch idea.

you could definitely pull it off.

Glamour Diaries said...

HOT jeans lil lady!
I vote black as well :)
Check the label, if there is at all any spandex in them (ie 1% or 2%) then they should stretch a bit. I can't stand jeans w/o spandex.
- Monica

peachykeen said...

Well first off, your lashes look FAB. What mascara are you wearing? Secondly, your cat is adorable!! And last of all - I vote black :D xoxo

Peonies and water lilies said...

You look gorgeous. I would say keep the jeans, they always stretch with wear and besides skinny jeans are meant to be figure hugging x

Aleksis said...

I vote black or the white top with lots of accessories! I keep on forgetting you are Aussie and when you said you wear a 7 , I was like there's no way! lol It's not like it's a big size or anything but you are probably a 1 or 0 in US sizes :)

Gaby said...

You look stunning! Your new jeans are pretty nice! I just bought three pairs some times ago, I was in the need for some new skinnies (these are my favourites) (=

I vote for your black top, too!

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Those jeans are sooo cute.
I love the stitching and they match your body shape really well.
Those heels are killer with them!
Yer i vote black as well for the t-shirt.

Geeky Mac Boy said...

Wow that is a very gorgeous outfit there. Those shiny heels are killer too! I vote for the black as well!!

Nicole said...

they look so hott on you lovely!!!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

hot :)
my job sells some simmilar jeans I LOVE THEM.

i like black also

Skye said...

gorjuz gorjuz gorjuz!
and i love those heels
aww and ur cats soo cuteee!

tenxx said...

looking so fly haha :D
size 7?! your so tiny!
are you naturally that small or do you have amazing diet tips haha xx

FELINE. said...

And those pumps!! Hotttt


Karen said...

I love your FOTD - it's a very pretty look :)
No I don't own a pair of LEE jeans so I can't say if they'll stretch out or not....just don't throw them in the dryer on high heat or else it'll shrink :\
And I love the black heels you're wearing to the movies! The white or black top would work well with what you have - I personally would have gone white but I just favour white tops more than black tops in general...

juddLOCKS said...

I'll wear supre jeans over anything. Lol i used to work there and got em half price, but got fired. damn! haha hardly it was bimbo hell in that horrid place.