Friday, December 18, 2009

Sara Underwood

Sara Jean Underwood
Playmate of the Year 2007

Shes my first girl crush :)
No, I am not lez, but I have no shame in admiring how gorgeous she is!!!
Her boobs were REAL, but now shes got a boob job :(
But anyways, Shes gorgeous!!!
Sorry if these are too X rated for anyone hahaha

Whos everyones Celebrity that they admire?


peachykeen said...

I think Sara is gorgeous - obviously! I don't know.. she just has an innocence about her? Ironic as she is a playboy model, haha. But I think Holly Madison is equally as beautiful as far as playboy models go.

But my ultimate celebrity 'girl crush' is Kim Kardashian. I think she is just STUNNING. xoxo

Lydia said...

I love Sara! She definitely didn't need to get that boob job though, booo.
I guess mine would be Fearne Cotton.. love everything about her! What a woman haha. x

Gaby said...

My first girl crush was Rihanna, but I'm totally over her now xD

Amy Antoinette said...

I'm sad that she decided to get a boob job. It makes such a change seeing a woman (especially in Playboy) who has natural breasts that look in proportion to the rest of their body. But now she's gone and done what everyone else has and shoved a bag of silicone in her chest :( x

Nicole said...

oh lalal !! she is gorgeous
and i totally see a resemblance of you and her in the first photo said...

i remember her on the first season of the girls next door when she went out with kendra to play baseball.. :P
mmm when i was a bruntte i was in love with monica leigh... i think she was the march 2006 playmate ... now i love all the playboy blondes lol.

Anonymous said...

That first pic of her actually looks a lot like you!

tenxx said...

i adore bridget marquardt! from girls of the playboy mansion, she was my favourite! she's so sweet and just the cutest haha x

LOLanne said...

im into Megan Fox (surprise surprise :P) andddd Angelina Jolie!

i also like Paris Hilton (JUST her looks)... shhh im kinda embarassed about it lol


Sarah said...

Ooh she is gorgeous! I've never even heard of her but she's a defin. hottie!!
I have always loved Charlize Theron, I think she is stunning in that classy yet natural way!
Oh and I'm so sorry to hear about Marbles you poor thing (hugs) xx

Sher said...

She was one of the first playmates that I actually really liked! so glad she won PMOTY!

hs2rts; miss. annebabes said...

Yeah, I have to agree, she slightly resembles you in the first pic.

hehe anyone that knows me would know that my all time girl crush is justene jaro - half filo half puerto rican import model. <3

Marisa said...

I really don't get why girls have the need to change their bodies. Fake boobs always looks bad |:
Anyway, I love Joanna Krupa, Jessica Simpson, Marisa Miller and Aguilera for role models, they rock!

tina_mbc said...

I 'm gonna have to agree with the other girls, I too see a resemblance judging from that first photo!
Btw, I think boob jobs are sliightly overrated, but whatever!
And my celeb crush is definitely Angelina! :)