Monday, December 7, 2009


Ok, so this post is pretty shitty... My whole computer is acting up... I cant centre my words or anything! Frustrating much?

Haha So I was going for some ABSTRACT pictures because I wasnt wearing any foundation or anything cept the eye makeup!! Hence the BLACK AND WHITE.

Omg you can see my pimples even using black and white!!! SHAME

This was when I was trying to get the DAMN EYESHADOW EVEN ugh. with flash/no lashes


How CRAZY EYE is the 3RD one ay ha

So my new word is MINT. and it definitely describes these 2 bras. top one is by Short Stories and the bottom is a Playboy Bra (hit and miss brand; some of their bras are awesome like the one below, and some are pretty average by with a above average price tag) and theyre both from Bras N Things.

I love Bras.. like more than any item of clothing.. theyre just so fun, and make me feel all womanly and stuff :) id rather go bra shopping over expensive dress shopping anyday!!!!

Must keep below 50kg.I havent had COKE for a WHOLE WEEK. and no snacking on white bread whilst waitressing at the ITALIAN restuarant

- REALLY great youtube blog/channel that does awesome makeup TUTORIALS?
- the BEST eyebrow pencil (Im currently looking into mac?)
- pore minimizing serums/primers
- oil controlling primer
- camera that takes good pictures


Anonymous said...

Primers... foundation primers I've found the best so far have been Napoleon auto pilot and the cheaper alternative I'm currently using is Face of Australia face base (oil free) primer.
Was on sale and is almost, if not just as good :)!

Elise said...

Yep, the camera that takes the best pics is a Fujifilm Z3 - and it comes in Pink !

Anonymous said...

i dunno what pimples u on about but okaaay (: lol

love the playboy bra, gorgeous!


Nicole said...

love that playboy bra !

Anonymous said...

Aww you must be tiny at 49kg!

I want a good eye pencil too! Wasnt sure where to look first :/

How rubbish about your computer playing up! I liked the abstract photo effect though!

LOLanne said...

oooh nice boobies lol!! you hottie :P

oh oh i definitely have some products to suggest for you:
- pore minimizing serum/primer: Vitacreme B12! i have HUGE pores on the side of my nose... ive been using this product for about 2 (maybe 3?) weeks now anddd my pores have been minimally reduced :))
a lot of beauty bloggers swear that it's a good primer too... sooo thats two birds in one stone for ya :)

- oil controlling primer: the only reason i dont use Vitacreme B12 as a make up primer is because of MAC's OIL CONTROL LOTION :))
i have combo/oily skin and by mid day, my t zone looks like an oil slick... not anymore though since discovering this product!

okay fine, i only have two suggestions lol. buuut definitely google reviews on vitacreme, it's all over the blogger :) thats how i find out about it... a lot of beauty bloggers swear by it!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous as always darling
love it, great inspiration
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Damn computer!
Black and white looks very nice and creative.
What pimples?!?! Your skin is gorgeous!!
You make fake lashes look sooo nice and natural and i laughed at the the third picture when you mentioned crazy eyes.
I really like the print and colours on the second bra.
Also, we weigh the same except i am 49.2 *gasp* i must be obese. :)

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Oh and i forgot to reccomend you products!
YouTube user: meganheartsmakeup or juicystar07. However, Megan is really great but her tutorials are very similar.

Eyebrow Pencil: Nikka K Brow Definer and your shade would probz be "soft brown" You can get it from Price Cut for only $12 (heaps cheaper than MAC)

Pore Minimizing serum: I am going to have to say Dermalogica masks, i have found very good for targeting pores.

Oil-Controlling Primer: I do believe MAC may have one and Napoleon Perdis does. Not sure if it actually works but if all else fails try drugstore.

Camera: Fujifilm Z3 for sure. It is small, pink, great megapixels and affordable.


Aleksis said...

You have nice boobs! I love the white bra, I'd probably like buying them too, if I actually had anything lol btw how tall are you?

Sooshi said...

you are so wise. I don't have the energy for blog-arguing! LOL

The BEST oil controlling primer is MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50. have you tried? it just sucks all the oil out of your skin!

Sugar&Spice said...

omg that underwear is gorgeous! :)

My fav youtubers are Juicystar07 & her sister allthatglitters21 ... there really good & both do really good tutorials!

Great blog


follow me xx

Pinklumpysugar said...

1.Ok so my top 3 fave YT beauty gurus are: lollipop26, allthatglitters21, and makeupbytiffanyd. But if you want to go check out my YT (pinklumpysugar23)and you'll see all of the ones I'm subbed to and I promise you'll find really good ones :)
(Btw I'm not plugging my channel since I don't have any vids lol)

2. Best eyebrow pencil is MAC Lingering
3. Urban Decay complexion primer potion
4. MAC Matte or UDCPP

Hope that helps!
Thanks for all your lovely comments btw <3