Saturday, December 19, 2009

Giant Ass Pimple!

Okay, I know this is gross, and shouldnt be aired(??) on Blogger,
But check out my HUGE pimple!

Its one of those ones that hurt really bad!!!
But anyways its made like a 1cm diametre around the actual pimple turn like a purpley red colour!!! How intense!!!

I need cures!!! Anyone has any solutions?
What are some good face masks for congestion/acne?

Ive just used a Clarins Pink Clay Mask on it, followed by some Tea Tree Oil (normally my savior), and before that I even tried popping it, but it wouldnt pop? Its that huge it doesn't even have a head? I think it hasn't even come up yet.. Like some alienated underground pimple.. Suss..

Ps. After Christmas Im going to start writing proper Blogs again. Will be doing hauls, My Rhinoplasty, Reviews galore (Clarins, Kerastase, MAC, etc), So keep reading :)


JustJenny said...

im not sure if these will work or not but ice takes away the swelling so it won't look any bigger
and sometimes toothpaste can dry it out and at least cover it up while your at home and stop you from picking at it
hope it helps!

peachykeen said...

erm i don't know any cures that will actually get rid of it but i know a home-made mask that will tone down the redness? you just need to dissolve 2 asprin's in water and add a tea spoon on honey :) it normally works for me xoxo

Make-up Addict said...

I was gonna say toothpaste too...

I think there is a product that you can use on spots but for the life of me I can't remember the name...I think it's by Garnier??

Hope it goes down soon, they're horrible like that! xx

Naghmeh said...

I use Clean&Clear persa-gel 5 its a little tube with the most amazing cream inside lol i sound like an ad for cleanandclear but this stuff is pretty amazing it will make the pimple smaller overnight and if you keep applying the redness goes away and gradually it gets very very small.
i always have one of these at home.
hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm you're so sexy hahaha.
Good luck, wish I could pop it once it's ready. Gross fetish of mine hahah.

vi said...

this may sound gross, but .. before i went on accutane and i'd get those kinds of blemishes, (ugh, i hated them!! they're disgusting and so annoying!!) i'd apply a hot towel onto my face and then leave it there for a few minutes .. then, i'd steam my face. THEN, i'd apply tea tree oil and vitamin e onto the spot. it would bring it to a head and clear it up at the same time. i hope this helps you. i hate skin problems. =/

love your blog! =)

Cake Girl said...

toothpaste!!! xxx

Krissy said...

you should deffs try the australis primer :) I never used to use primer but now i can really tell the difference in smoothness of my skin, especially if I'm wearing liquid foundation.

Marisa said...

Girl, you should see me allergies acne, if you think that's gross, you should see mine ;)
Vichy products are miracle, believe me (:

ashnickers said...

AGAIN, TOOTHPASTE!!! Trust me, I'm outta college and I have been swearing by cheap ol' toothpaste since middle school days. Put on a heap of toothpaste before you go to bed, DIRECTLY ON TOP of your blemish and make sure it is completely covering it. Wake up in the morning and wash off and you will notice a dramatic difference!

I use proactiv and still go to toothpaste when a big one decides to pop up. I also use proactiv's advance blemish product (i think that's what it is called). It's a lil' tube and it lasts FOREVER, just a dot on your blemish and it will help bring down the redness, swelling during the day - like the toothpaste remedy but you can leave the house instead of having a glob of white toothpaste on your face :) Make sure you are using PASTE & NOT GEL! If you use a whitening (most are now, good luck finding one without whitening ingredients in it) it WILL TINGLE ... it's okay.

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

i use toothpaste sometimes it worksss, just make sure it isnt the gel kind but the white pastey kinddd llol

Nicole said...

i heard applying a warm cloth to the area opens up the pore so it is earier to pop (if you choose to lol)

steaming your face could also help

recently for blemishes i have been using the mint julep mask as a spot treatment over night and it has been working wonders!

Anonymous said...


Vetty said...

Use tea tree oil, trust me that pimple is nothing compared to what I've had. But luckily I had my trusty tea tree oil to save me !

Monika said...

Omg I HATE them ones, they don't look all that bad but hurt like a biatch. Like can't even touch it right? I just normally leave them to it, nothing you can really do =/