Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Australis Duo "Sunkissed Glimmer"

Packaging i find the packaging rather cute, but kind of cheep looking. black and pink are my favourite colours, so thats a bonus for me.
Quality the thing i dont like about this product is the brush that it comes with. i mean its considerate of the company to add a brush, but its useless, and ends up in a streaky result. so i just use two of my own separate brushes :) but other than that, the highlight and contour are quite good quality!
Price about $10 - $15
My Opinion considering the price, its very good value for money!! i love the contour alot, but the high light seems to pink for my skin, and its hard to blend them properly together which looks fine in normal light, but if youre out in the sun you can see a line, but its not all that noticeable!! overall, i love it :) basically.


tennillex said...

your so beautiful babe, best eyes! xxxx

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Hey Lorein :)
The packaging of the Australis thing is cute!!
I love the white blonde with blue toner your doing for you hair, it really suits you!!

Anonymous said...

lol you have such bad acne

Rosie said...

your skin looks amazing, what foundation are you wearing here?

Cypriotchick said...

firstly hi *waves* i've been reading ur blog for a while but i use google reader so hence no comments thus far.

secondly how recent did u buy this duo?

thirdly does the contour side have shimmer? and if so is it really noticeable?

fourthly r u feeling better now that ur updating? as in r u out of hospital?

anywhoo i love ur blog its nice to see a fellow aussie :D

Lorien BeautyLove said...

@ anonymous. get bent :)

@ rosie. thankyou :) i cant rememeber cos i switch it up sometimes, but pretty sure its my favourite foundation, Rimmel Lasting Foundation :)

@ cypriotchick. thanks for reading!! i really do appreciate people who read and enjoy my blog :) i bought it a few weeks ago, and the contour side does have shimmer (which is strange for a contour because usually its just matte) but its not heaps noticeable! just gives the skin a "glow" :) and im feeling absolutely fine, im not out yet, but i will be in a few weeks!!! and yes, its always good to see fellow aussie bloggers! i tried going onto your blog, but it read "profile not available", but id love to read your blog on google reader, so send me the link :)

thanks for the lovely comments ladies :) x

Kinsey Michaels said...

that product gives you a really nice glow! my favorite bronzer is Nars in "Laguna" :)

Cypriotchick said...

hey thanks for the reply :D

i started and finished blogging last year i had my blog for around 9 months but i felt that it didn't really have a purpose and a clear focus like the other truly amazing blogs out there soo i deleted it..

one day i might return to blogging but since i'm doing my year 11 this year i'm going to be focusing more on school

its good to hear ur feeling better hopefully the hospital food isn't too bad :D