Sunday, July 4, 2010

new clothes from today :)

just posting this, not because i think these items are heaps interesting, but because i want to blog, but i just cannot be bothered posting my face of the day just yet !! its coming soon though :)
from top: supre skirt $45 (love this, except the elastic waist band may be a tad bit tacky, but ive seen it on other skirts in other shops sooo, maybe its like in or something? dunno), bardot dress $59.95 (i dont overly love this, its just something easy to throw on or whatever.. i need to get it taken up, because it stops at just above the knees, and because im 160cm, i like things short), green valley girl crop tee $9.95 (sooo cheap! and is actually quite flattering!) with bardot scarf $29.95 (i don't usually buy scarfs?), pinky/nudey/peachy valley girl crop tee $9.95 (gorgeously flattering colour), playboy bra $64.99 (wouldn't say playboy bras are the classiest, but they're the only bras that fit nicely that are an 8D!!! apparently something like 80% of the support from bras come from the band, not the straps, so i need an 8, or else the back just rides up!!)


Anonymous said...

love the skirt, it looks so chic!
hope you do an OOTD with it :D


tennillex said...

love everything xx

Anonymous said...

Woow nice haul
I like the skirt HOT i hope u do an OOTD