Thursday, July 22, 2010

inglot palette haul

i haven't been to keen on inglot makeup because i purchased their pressed powder and first the mua colour matched me completely wrong, but i returned it and got a more suited colour, but it oxidizes really badly with my skin. also, their lighter shadows (the $20 ones, not the ones from the palettes) are so sheer. however, their darker $20 e/s are beautiful, so i decided to check the selection out once again with my friend :) i ended up with two gorgeous palettes !!

the first is an eyeshadow palette,
i went for 10 square e/s for only $85 (thats $8.50 for an excellent quality e/s).
my opinion: love all these colours!! they are so beautiful, and the texture is indescribable!! the packaging is very cute also :) the palettes are magnetic. im definitely heading back there for another 10 palette, hopefully one day i'll have all the colours!! ohhh, but there is a con: the $20 single e/s and the palette e/s aren't the same!! so if you fall in love with a colour from the single e/s range, you might not be able to match it with a palette eyeshadow!

the second palette i chose was a blush palette,
you can choose 4 blushes from a huuuuge selection of bronzers, blushes, highlighters, etc. for only $60.
my opinion: you can see that the hot pink on the left is quite matte, but the other three do have large chunks of shimmer, which is beautiful!! i love all the 4 colours, the one second from left is a peachy/corally colour, likewirse the one second from right, and the one on the right is a very baby doll pink (i liken it to MACs "well dressed"). cons: when i brush my blusher brush over any of these colours quite alot of powder forms, so i dont think they will last very long  !! but only time will tell :) my next inglot blush palette will be a mixture of bronzers and high lighters.

instead of explaining the inglot "freedom" system, i just got a pamphlet from the store and took photos of it for you all :) i definitely recommend these palettes, as theyre great quality and affordable!


Make-up Addict said...

Gorgeous palettes! I really want to try out inglot but there isn't a place near me that does it. I'd have to trek to a shopping mall to check it out. No fun :( Lol xx

Anonymous said...

I love the eyeshadow colors
Nice Palettes