Sunday, July 25, 2010

eotd + fotd. few weeks ago

firstly, id like to say thankyou to the comments everyone left in my other posts :) i had a feeling that because i had abandoned my blog for a while that people may have lost interest!! secondly, i do still read all of your blogs, but dont have time to comment but this will change the second i get out of hospital, and i will be getting back to everyone. i absolutely adore all my followers and readers! thankyou so much <3

so here's a smokey blue/white eotd i did a while back, the blue wasn't the colour i wanted, i wanted a way more darker navy blue, but i could only use what i had!! i know my technique and blending needs work, im defs practicing though :)

the first photo in the picture below is without any mascara or eyeliner. i think next time ill line my bottom lashes with the blue shadow, but when i get a better navy blue!
here are the products i used :) not including my foundation, because i just used my HG rimmel foundation.


Audrey said...

OMG the eyeshadow design is beautiful! What eyeshadows did you use, I can't tell from the picture
Followed your blog, love it! :D

Krissy said...

That looks awesome Lorien!! You pull off dark eye looks so well! And youre such a cutie =)

tennillex said...

woah babe, love this look on you!
looks amazing, you did an awesome job.
i swear you can pull off anything, so gorgeous xxxxx

Shaimaa said...

Love the look

Audrey said...

Thanks for your sweet message! Don't worry I'm a retard at nails too - I can't even paint my other hand because I'm left handed lol! I'll defo look out for that eyeshadow x

Cheryl♥ said...

I love this look on you! You look amazing :D

AnNeTtEe said...


Gaby said...

Wow, that's definitely a look I would re-create to go clubbing!

When my shadow is not dark enough, I use a black (or really dark) eyeshadow as a base; that way, when you put the lighter eyeshadow on top, it is automatically darkened. Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

I love the whole look
Nice keep up