Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OOTD + Nipple Piercing Opinions?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!! I didn't even eat chocolate (well, no more than usual) but I still managed to put on weight?

I'd like to apologize for the pictures, I've never had like a decent camera at all, and my last camera (that has taken 90% of the pictures on my blog) was OKAY until it dropped into the mug of water and went fuzzy! So today I got a new one, took it home and took photos, noticed they were shotty photos, so decided to return the camera, but I had chucked out the receipt in the bin just outside the place I bought it from - TARGET - and they wouldn't let me exchange it because I had no receipt! Even though the guy who served me remembered me from an hour before!!!! So mad.

If anyone has the SANYO IZ-S1275 please tell me which settings are the best!!! Ugghhh

Anyway, my OOTD was taken with my camera phone! I have an LG web slider and it's picture quality is fair dodgy! But I need to update with something! I really used to enjoy blogging, so hopefully I'll get back into it
But the good thing about phone pictures is that they take 2 seconds to upload!!!

Black Supre Skirt
Cotton On Loose Fitting Tee
Betts Gladiator Sandals

I got my nipple pierced on the weekend haha I don't know if it's tacky or not, the concept of it is I guess, but I'm not the sort of girl who gets it pierced and tells everyone about it and whips it out to show it off! I haven't showed anyone! I've noticed however, that when I tell a male friend that I have it pierced the first thing they ask is "Can I see it?". Ewww. No.

Does anyone have their nipple pierced?
Or any opinions from anyone?


tenxx said...

looking cute miss :)

ow ouchie, how was it? x

paige said...

ooh sounds painful. and that is bullshit about the camera. target are asshole like that.

im having a giveaway, feel free to check it out

xox vendettaxx.blogspot.com

Aleksis said...

Nipple piercings are AWESOME! I would have to be drugged to get them done though lol How is the healing process going for you?

Lorien BeautyLove said...

its like you know how some people say that it doesnt hurt, and some people say thay it does hurt?

well theyre both lying! it CAINS! ABOLUTELY KILLS!!! the pain was intense haha im pretty sure im set for child birth now haha

the healings good, my nipple has been erect for 3 days which isnt fun grrr but no bleeding or anything :D

Anonymous said...

For a while i debated getting my nipple pierced but the idea of possibly getting an infection in it and something going wrong really put me off oh plus the idea of the pain lol!

Thats SO annoyingn you cant exchange your camera! Usually you can at least get store credit or a swap :/

Sarah said...

Ohh Target that is so unfair!!! Maybe you could go and speak to a manager or something? Or if that fails go on Today Tonight ;) good ol' Today Tonight!

OUCH!!!!! I think I just got goosebumps lol you are so brave! My ears were enough for me lol

LOVE your outfit, you can pull off anything my dear :)

NicciMaree said...

OUCH! I hope the pain has settled down a bit.

I like the idea of it, but I'm too much of a baby to handle pain like that. HAHA :P


Gaby said...

Aww I'd love to get my nipple piercied, byt I'm so afraid of the pain!!!!

LOLanne said...

you got your nipples pierced?? youre such a bad girl!! soooo... can i see it? lol j/k hahahha

personally wouldnt get my pair pierced... theyre small enough as it is, i think getting them pierced would just emphasize their smallness lol


Karen said...

Ugh gosh, Target customer service sucks. Seriously, what does a receipt matter if it's the same day anyways? Sorry I can't help with your Sanyo camera - I have a Casio one myself.
OMG you made me laugh when you said you're ready for child birth after getting your nipple pierced because after I got my navel pierced I remember thinking, "Holy crap I'm NOT ever going to give birth to kids unless I'm knocked out cold" LOL. It was soooo much pain for me and I was yelling and the tattoo artist was trying to calm me down. Idunno, so many other girls said it didn't hurt them. Maybe I can't stand pain :\

veronicaa said...

I got mine done when i was 15 and it hurt SOOO MUCH!!! And 7 years later it actually started migrating out of my nipple, like coming up towards the top. It is supposed to interfere with your "chi" your natural body hormones etc, I feel 100% better since taking it out. :)
Xoxo Veronica
Passion for Fashion