Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Shoes :)

Betts had a "Buy One Item, Get The Second Item Half Price" promo,so I decided to take advantage of it! I'm 99% sure that it's still going aswell! So Aussie girls should def make the most of it :) Also, Zu is having the same promotion! And has the cutest (or tackiest? I'm unsure) studded and diamonds clutch!

This pair also comes in dark/moss green, burgundy red, and a deep tan colour, but I chose blue because at the time I was wearing a bright floral dress and these looked AMAZING!! These are probably some of the shortest heels I own, but they're so comfortable - They're also the only non-peeptoe pair I own aswell!
$79.99 - down to $40 :)

My camera is refusing the take good photo's of these black pair, but they're a dark black, and they're not washed out at all! They're too cute! I love straps on heels for when you need to walk fast on a night out without losing your shoe lol
$109.99 (or something close?)


Anonymous said...

they're both gorgeous!


paige said...

ohh those black shoes are fucking gorgeous. wish there was a betts near me :(
i was in one the other week for about an hour, just drooling and wishing i had money lol!

lol your closet is like mine then, almost everything is either black, white or grey with the occassional splash of colour.

and half those shoes dont fit anymore so off they go, very sad time but now i have an excuse to restock =D

ill have to get onto tennille and ask her how swaps work, because im still relatively new at this.

i got that box from the reject shop lol and i have another exactly the same thats huuge.

thanks for the comments hun! loving your blog:)


Fern said...

Ahhh I love them :)

Lydia said...

I have a pair EXACTLY like the blue suede ones, except mine were from Topshop! Love them! xx

Anonymous said...

Loving the blue suede shoes! I was looking at a similar pair that i saw in dorothy perkins the other day but im usually pretty rubbish with heels :(

Louise said...

I love both pairs, especially the black ones as I'm looking out for a pair like that. I'm the same, I only own peep toe heels as their just so cute! I'll try and break the habit soon :)

Sarah said...

Ohh those blue ones are sooo pretty!! They will be amazing for winter and summer!! Love the suede too :)

Dela Rome said...

love your shoes!!!!


wow ! you did soooo well. Have a lovely week wearing those fab shoes !

lorraine said...

Ohhh, both of those shoes are very cute!

April said...

L.O.V.E those black shoes!

Karen said...

I love both pairs of shoes you bought :) I got a pair of blue suede pumps like yours a couple of months ago and love them. I always get compliments on them

Sassy J'adore said...

Luv those shoes!!
I have a very similar pump like the royal blue one you have by Nine West. The color is vibrant and awesome. =)

Jolly Josi said...

These are lovely !