Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have been missing in action for almost a whole month! It's bad, I know!

It's not just blogger that I've been slacking on, I'm also way behind in school - I'm seriously on an "E" for Maths! Ah!

I will be blogging after Easter, my friend ruined my camera by drunkingly dropping it into a Schutzenfest mug filled with water.. But she's buying me a new one, soon.

Last weekend was totally heckit for me, I ended up at the Emergency Room at the Royal Adelaide Hospital at 3am on saturday morning after hitting my head on a desk! I had a couple of stitches, which were taken out today, but I now have a lovely black eye and there's still blood in my eye!
Gross, I know! All my foundation is like gone and I'm all spotty cos I've been going out way too often. Next term I'm stopping like everything! On weekends I'm planning on staying home with a study group :) Mmmm.. Perhaps!

Eww and yuck, this is from another night, I'm the blonde in the dark blue dress with a silvery goon sack on my knee!
It's horrible!
I'm seriously considering a brace?

Easter Holidays started today, so I will definitely be posting more!
The good thing is, is because I've been away for so long, I have loads of things to blog about!

Happy Easter Lovelies x


Sarah said...

OH so glad you're back!! I was wondering where you were!!!
OUCH you poor thing!!! That would have seriously hurt- but I wish I could look that glam with stitches, you still look gorgeous- and spots!? What spots! You are crazy :

For The Fierce said...

Omg wtf ?! How'd you hit yourself? Someone pushed you? Damnnnnn lucky though u still have your pretty features =]

And about the posture, I knowwww! I've been controling mine, I don't wanna be like the hunchback of notredamn or however u spell it lol

Hope your eye heals completely soon!


Aleksis said...

Yay! So glad to see you back! I am buying shape-ups by Skechers to help my posture, you should look into those. Ouch.. so sorry about your eye =(

Make-up Addict said...

Aw I'm glad you're back! Missed your posts :)

Poor you!! Hope your eye heals up soon xxx

Sarah said...

Ooh yes yes def. check out Spotlight! You wouldn't think they would be a go-to for makeup and cosmetics storage but they have some really nifty things!! I always seem to come out of Spotlight with a collection of God knows what lol

Thank you so much for your comments, they always make me smile :) You are the biggest sweetheart!! I really hope you have a fantastic Easter and the Easter Bunny spoils you rotten and then some, just like you deserve!!! x

Charlie ♥ said...

ouchh reading about your eye made me cringe so much, hope it gets better!

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Geeky Mac Boy said...

I hear ya doll. I've for a while been MIA myself. I do plan to finally start posting some good haul blogs. Lots of it them too!!

Glad to see your eye is doing much better!

bowsnhearts said...

Glad to have you back! I hope the blood in your eye clears must have hurt so much! *hugs*

Karen said...

OMG Lauren! Were you like drunk and fell down hitting your head on a desk?!! All kidding aside, I hope your eye heals quickly.
Don't worry - I failed Calculas twice. TWICE! And I AM ASIAN!!! Grrr. Yah, seriously LOL.
I know, my posture is digusting. I have to seriously start walking/sitting properly too :\

tenxx said...

ow you little klutz! that must of hurt :(

haha your so skinny in that picture!! x