Monday, June 13, 2011


Supre dress, Wayne Cooper heels, Diva headband.

Trying to get back into blogging!!! It used to make me so happy and I could easily spend an afternoon looking at others' blogs... Ive noticed a fair few of my favourites have stopped blogging, devasted! :( if you have any blogs you'd like to recommend, be my guest!


Alpha Blonde said...

Love that dress, so pretty!!

S said...

Welcome back :)
Looking gorgeous as usual! Best body!

Krissy said...

ahh you look so cute!! :)
ive kinda lost my blogging motivation too :( i guess im just moving on from the whole OMG OBSESSED WITH MAKEUP phase!
i use tumblr more thesedays! if you have it, link me! :)

G A B Y said...

Glad to see you're back! What an amazing dress (:

Love your tumblr even I have no idea how it works either ahah

Annika Aunapu said...
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