Thursday, December 9, 2010

Herbal Essenses "Tousle Me Softly" Range Review

Touchably Soft Shampoo. Get a perfect start ti an imperfect look. Im tousled hair's first love with a refreshing cleaning. My formula, infused with wild violet and pomegranate, smell extra luscious and leaves you with a strong urge to tousle.
Touchably Soft Conditioner. If success is a sexy mess, then let your locks go loose and beg to be touched. Ill give your hair the conditioning goodness to tousle away, with protection from styling damage. My formula infused with wild violet and pomegranate helps keep strands soft, tangle free, frizz less and virtually perfect so the only thing left to do is mess it up.
Tousling Spray Gel. Im more than a spray gel. Im a messt-style master, with my light weight, targeted sprat and violet splash fragrance. Ive got the control you need to make your style as incredibly imperfect as you want and to hold it flexibly and frizz free. One spray and youll see how good it feels to be a little messy.
I always buy products that would mean I wouldnt have to use any heat styling tools on my already damaged hair. I love the "tousled" look, but my hair would always go frizzy and lank. With these three products my hair strands have a beautiful, soft wave to them!! How I achieved this look;
  1. shampoo twice
  2. condition (leave in for about a minute or so)
  3. towel dry
  4. blow dry my fringe straight
  5. spray the tousling spray gel into my lengths and lightly onto my roots
  6. roll into bun, crocodile clip in place
  7. leave to air dry
Voila!!! If its humid, raining, or Ive been running around, I put some smoothing cream/gel/hair product onto my lengths to tame fly aways. I haven't tried the products seperately, but I believe that this trio works magic! Love it :)


Gaby said...

I love tousled hair! So easy to achieve, and without heat!

Anonymous said...

you do tousled so well :)
and i love the herbal essence's products
i have the ones for hydration omggg they smells fucking amazing!

Karen said...

Thanks for the review :) Whenever I crocodile clip my hair up though, it leaves like a sharp bend in my hair so it never works :S It's probably because my hair is super straight if I air dry it and there's no natural wave in my hair at all....But I love how Herbal Essences hair products smell.