Sunday, August 8, 2010

"evil pansy" top + ootd +

below: new bardot "kate 7/8" jeans $139.95. i have a serious obsession with bardot jeans!! these are my 3rd pair in about a fortnight! love them <3 they look too tight, but they stretch. the sale ladies say if you can just get the top button up they'll fit perfectly :)
first picture is bardot jeans and the "evil pansy" top and the second is my OOTD. leather jacket from myers, tshirt from general pants & co, jeans from bardot, boots from rubi shoes.

i had to pick up some new select sheer powder puffs from MAC, $9 packet, and i quickly popped into priceline and couldn't resist this puma blush!! its shade #2 and reminds me of "soft and gentle" msf by MAC (a little bit) it was $20, but on sale for $10 !! love bargains :)


Krissy said...

Omg the jeans look soooo good on you! Jealous! :P
That Pupa blush DOES look like an msf... damn.. i was at priceline today and didnt look at the pupa range. I definitely will next time!

Audrey said...

love the pansy top, it's so cute

Anonymous said...

Ooh hot ootd, v rock chick :)

RamblingRose26 said...

Hello, I have a tag for you on my blog.
Check it out :)