Monday, March 1, 2010

Haul + OOTD

was $28
sale $10

was $9
sale $5

 not on sale $28

From Sportsgirl I bought a kabuki makeup brush for $16.95, it's lovely and soft, but sometimes cheaper brushes tend to start soft, then they go all stiff and lose all their bristles/hairs!! So fingers crossed this stays gorgeous!
 I usually carry around a mediamakeup powder brush (the handle fell off! ugh) so this will be not only cuter, but more space-saving and convenient!

So excited!!! I also bought Season Five of the Girls of the Playboy Mansion, and I cannot wait to watch it! My whole weekend is gonna be booked up just watching the episodes :)

OOTD March 2nd
grey top - sportsgirl
white top - valleygirl
black skirt - supre


Skye said...

i love that kabuki brush its super cute, and omg i love the girls of the play mansion, the new girls are crap! have you watched kendra?

makeup=love said...

Love the First top and the dress!



Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

That first top is gorgeous and you got such great deals!! I carry around a Revlon kabuki because kabuki's save so much room. OMG I am in love with girls of the playboy mansion, season five is amazing!! It is not what everyone thinks it is!!

Schnella said...

You look so pretty(:
I love all your clothes, they are so cute xx

Jeri said...

Aww you look so pretty! Love the first top and the dress, over here in New Zealand some people don't like supre but I totally don't get it cos they always have cute, cheap stuff and good as sales. And Valleygirl is like my favourite shop!
Hope the brush doesn't go all shitty >.<

Fern said...

I really like the grey top at the end :) and that mini brush seems really cute x

♥ Makeup Kitten ♥ said...

Haha, I love watching the playboy mansion!

Some nice bargains there, hun :)


UrbanMermaid said...

Love the black dress and the white top! you should try modeling

Make-up Addict said...

Great post! Love the OOTD xx

bowsnhearts said...

I love how you can rock a white tube top! I will definitely look like a burst lump of...fat in a white top! Lol!

Sooshi said...

you're too cute! and I looooove the GND!

For The Fierce said...

Love the 1st shirt!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

love the dress and the black top!

LOLanne said...

awww i love the first top! it's such a modern take on those vintage vaudeville-ish dresses :)


Sher said...

looove the girls next door, i have every season torrented but planning on buying the dvds for the commentary!

s said...

You're so adorable nawwww.
Can you do an update of how the kabuki is? I was thinking of buying it too and was wondering if it does last =)

Gaby said...

Yey for bargains!

Loving your OOTD (=

Geeky Mac Boy said...

I love that black zipper dress. It looks sooo cute!! :-)

Marisa said...

I'm loving the gray top!